All About My Pets! | Whiskey, Jaxson & Penny’s Daily Routine

My boyfriend Skylar and I are the proud owners of two beautiful dogs and one cat! I always knew I wanted pets instead of children growing up. Dogs take a lot of time and energy to raise but there’s nothing like coming home to a friend that is literally always excited to see you! Today I thought I would share with you a little bit about my pets and our daily routine.


Whiskey is the first dog I have ever owned on my own (brown brindle on the right in the photos above). I bought her for $300 off an ad I found on our local Craigslist. She was advertised as a 1/4 Boxer, 3/4 Pit Bull. This was definitely a fib on the sellers part! She’s more like 1/3 Pit Bull, 2/3 Lab. Now that she’s grown it’s easier to see what  breed she is.

When I saw her for the first time I fell in love. She was the softest, prettiest little brindle baby. While she was a very challenging puppy, now at age 2 1/2, she’s finally starting to mellow out a little (and most importantly LISTEN). She’s 65lbs of furry, lickin’ love.

We got Jaxson Daniel, my boyfriend’s dog, two winters ago for only $200 in a town near where we live. He had one ice blue eye and one brown with the cutest gray and white coloring. There were at least 10 puppies to choose from but we knew he was the one when we saw how mellow and sweet he was. He grew to be 65 pounds, just like his sister!

Both of our pups are incredibly loving and sweet. They’re very co-dependent and love to play hard together and with their cat, Penny. We crate trained them both at a young age so they don’t mind being crated while we’re at work as long as they’re together. Sometimes they even hangout in the crate for no reason when we’re home.


Penny is our oldest animal, almost 3 years old! We found her abandoned in a parking lot at about 4 weeks old with 6 other kittens. We rescued two of them. I nursed them back to health as best I could, bottle feeding them and taking them to work with me (at the time I worked at an animal shelter) to make sure they stayed warm and fed.

Unfortunately, Leo passed away because he just couldn’t figure out how to eat. It was sad but we knew it was a possibility when we found them abandoned at such a young age. Penny stayed strong and lived to be the best cat ever!

Diet & Play:

The dogs eat 2 cups of Taste of The Wild dog food each morning and night. I mix their dry food with warm water and they absolutely love it!

Penny eats Blue Wilderness cat food. She is an indoor/outdoor cat that loves her dogs and is very tolerant of any kind of handling by humans or children!

Tip: If your dogs won’t eat their kibble, try adding warm water to the food. They’ll go crazy for it!!!

We’re lucky to have a big yard for our dogs to play in during the summer. They tire themselves out pretty well playing together but we like to throw a ball for them and let them play with the hose for extra fun too! I take them on some walks in the summer but don’t start walking them every day until winter when it’s snowy and our back yard is 7 feet buried in 7 feet of snow!

Let me know what your pet routine is in the comments below! I’m a dog and cat lover equally so I would absolutely love to see photos of your furry babies as well 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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