Fall Room Tour | How Our Room Is Decorated & Organized!

Today I thought I would share with you what my boyfriend and I’s room looks like in the fall months!

This isn’t my dream room or exactly how I want it decorated, but I’ve made aesthetic compromises because I have dogs who sleep in our bed with us and I share the room with a man so I don’t want to overwhelm him with my girly style.

Enjoy a peek at our cozy little bedroom 🙂

Tip: If you or your partner are a blanket hog, try sleeping with separate comforters! 

Our bed is a king-size mattress on the floor with no box spring or frame. I personally love the feel of the bed being close the floor. It allows for our dogs to easily get on and off and makes it feel cozy and safe to me.

For the purposes of this post, I made the bed with only one comforter (I think it looks nicer made with one blanket). In reality, we sleep with two comforters so that we never have to worry about the covers being stolen. This is one of those compromises I was talking about earlier. 😉 While I don’t prefer the look of two duvets, it’s actually awesome to never worry about stealing the blankets or our dogs sleeping between us.


My favorite feature of our room is the flannel and fuzzy sheet combo on our bed. These sheets are the softest and warmest thing in the world. I keep them on all year until it’s too hot to bear because they’re so cozy!

I also recommend getting a flannel duvet cover for ultimate warmth and to weigh your blanket down a bit.


Comment below if you want to see a DIY room decor post soon! 

These three circles are my favorite decoration in our room. I simply stretched pieces of cloth across sewing rings and hung them up! I love the way they look.


Our room has an attached bathroom with this big mirror and sink area right outside. I store a ton of stuff below the sink so I organize our most used products on the counter, around the sink.


I am able to store so much in these drawers! On the right you can see how I store my makeup in just two of the drawers! The rest of the storage space is used for things like travel sized product, hair tools and vitamins.

On top is one of my favorite fall scented candles 🙂

View From The Bed

Between our closet (on the left) and bedroom door (on the right) I hung this big tapestry behind our clothing rack and ottoman. I love how big and bright it makes the room feel!

Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to comment below for more home tour, organization and decor posts!

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