I Got Eyelash Extensions| My Review! | Worth The Money?

Here’s what I’ll say: Eyelash extensions are expensive, but worth it if you put mascara or fake lashes on most days.

I used to say I would never get eyelash extensions, that they weren’t worth the money. But, after seeing so many girls with stunning lashes rave about them, I had to give it a try.

Kaylee at The Feathered Flip in Hailey, ID did an amazing job on my first set of lashes! They ran me $175 for the first full set with a mix of classic and volume and D and C curl (I’ll explain what that means, don’t worry!)

I based what I wanted for my first set off of my friend Bailey’s lashes. Hers were the prettiest I had ever seen. They looked dramatic but natural at the same time. She had D curl with a mix of full and volume. She explained to me that D curl is the most curled lash type while a B curl would be straighter.

I think curled lashes are more flattering to most eye shapes and look a little more natural than a straighter curl. I also love having a mix of length and volume lashes because it makes them full and long at the same time!

I scheduled my fill for 2 1/2 weeks from my first appointment but Kaylee said some people can go longer depending on their natural lash cycle. The fills are much less expensive than the initial appointment, about $50 per fill depending on where you go.

The eyelashes are applied with a safe, long-lasting glue. Extensions are individually glued to each natural lash already on your eye. It’s incredible how strong the glue is. You can’t get them wet for the first 48 hours of having them, but after that you can treat them like normal eyelashes. It’s safe to get them wet and wash them, just avoid any oil based products on the lashes because it will break down the glue.

I find with these lashes that I don’t feel the need to wear makeup at all anymore. For days when I want to look more put together I’ll apply a CC cream but for my day to day routine I only use under eye concealer, the lashes make me look awake and put together all the time!

While these eyelashes are expensive, for me their worth the money to save time in the morning applying makeup. Plus, they look way better than mascara. For someone who wears mascara a lot and wants to save time and reduce effort getting ready in the morning, eyelash extensions are a great option for you!

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