I Started A YouTube Channel! | Eden Jade Grey Introduction Video

Just like Eden Jade Grey the blog, you can look forward to lifestyle videos on my YouTube channel! I will cover content like beauty, fashion, fitness and health every week in videos with posts corresponding here on my blog.

Thank you so much to everyone supporting my blog currently! I’m so excited to see what kind of new and creative content I can bring in videos to come for you guys!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel below the video to get updates every time I upload!

Thank you for reading and supporting Eden Jade Grey from blog to YouTube!

I’ll see you guys next week with a new video and blog post 🙂

6 Replies to “I Started A YouTube Channel! | Eden Jade Grey Introduction Video”

    1. iMovie is what I am learning to use right now. I have no experience with video editing so I’m actually using YouTube as a recourse to teach myself how!

        1. I am learning how to edit videos right now! I underestimated how much I needed to know before starting to post regular videos.. I hope to have a new one up within the next couple of weeks!

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