Journal | What Happens When Eden Forgets To Meditate! | Meditation is Powerful

I just woke up.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. Blue skies, sun, warm. The birds are literally chirping outside my window. And for some reason i am completely and totally annoyed.

I get up and let my dogs out, say “Hi” to my roomate… Still so irritated.

I was thinking about it a little and realized I hadn’t meditated in 3 days because my parents were in town. I decided to sit down and do my meditation at that very moment and felt I had to journal about the feeling I left the mediation with.

A total reset. I felt happy and calm instantly upon opening my eyes.

I can’t believe that skipping my 10 minutes a day for only 3 days affected my stress and anxiety so much. While no one’s perfect and we cant expect ourselves to never forget, I realize more and more the importance of meditation in my daily life. It helps me to appreciate things more, and lowers my irritation at stupid little things.

It gives me the best feeling knowing that I have a tool to bring me back to center when my heart and mind start to go crazy.

If you’re looking to try out meditation give the Headspace app a try. It’s what I use for guided meditations and I absolutely recommend it for anyone looking to bring some peace of mind to their lives.

I was not paid to write this post! All opinions are my own.

Thank you for reading!

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