My Meditation Journey | How I Cured My Anxiety Using Headspace

Not to be dramatic, but Headspace has changed my life.

I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember, this winter it got really bad. I was having panic attacks on a daily basis. The kind of stress that consumes your whole day, your whole life. For Christmas 2016, my dad got me a year long subscription to Headspace along with a couple other calming and mindfulness related items.

Photo: How To Relax by Thich Nhat Hanh, Rescue Remedy, Headspace app, weighted blanket (I had my weighted blanket handmade for me by a close friend but the link is for one that would have just the same benefits as the one I personally use).

I am not kidding when I say that I haven’t had a full blown anxiety attack since the day I downloaded the app and sat down for my first 10 minutes of guided meditation.

I started my journey with the Take 10 program that introduces you to the app (this introduction is free for people who want to try it without the commitment of a subscription). A very nice british man named Andy talks you through each session. I personally love guided meditation! It’s an easy way to stay involved with the exercise if you have a hard time getting lost in thought or falling asleep.

Meditation gives you a break each day, a break from your own thoughts and the outside world. One of my favorite features of the Headspace app is that you can chose the length of your sessions for each pack (focus areas within the app that allow you to work on different categories of worry and stress). They can be 10, 15 or 20 minutes per session. Each pack is 30 sessions long so it’s left up to you how much time out of each day for that month you want to commit to meditating.

While daily mediation has helped me to stay mostly anxiety-free over the past 6 months, I still stress out and over-think things all the time. It’s unrealistic to expect yourself to have instant results when taking a more holistic route in treating anxiety. I don’t take any medications or go to any doctors for my anxiety. I have chosen to self treat and try to fix the root of my problem.

Since I started using Headspace I have completed 103 sessions and spent 22 hours (and counting!) meditating. I cannot stress how helpful this has been for me on my path to a stress free lifestyle. If you have anxiety or just are looking to become more in touch with yourself, download the app and give the free 10 session trial a try!

All opinions are my own. I was not paid to write this post!

Thank you for reading!

9 Replies to “My Meditation Journey | How I Cured My Anxiety Using Headspace”

    1. Andy gives many tips throughout the guided meditations on how to stay focused during the meditation.

      Personally, i’ve found it helpful to meditate in a place I already feel relaxed and calm. And mostly just accept that you wont be perfect at first, you WILL get distracted. But you learn to be easy on yourself and gently bring your attention back to the mediation once you realize you’ve been distracted!

  1. Do you meditate with earphones? I feel like I get distracted with them in my ears, while without them I get distracted in other ways.

    1. No, I just listen to it through the speaker on my phone. I just make sure I’m in a room alone. Part of the exercise is accepting that there are noises and things that may distract you but to just gently bring your attention back to the meditation if you do get distracted.

    2. I do not use headphones, I like to be in touch with all of my senses when I am mediating, so being able to hear my surroundings is important in helping me be present.

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