Small Closet Tour | 5 Tips For Maximizing Space In A Tiny Closet!

Living in a small home can be challenging sometimes. I’ve always lived in a small house, and I’ve always had a lot of clothes. I’ve become very good at maximizing my space to fit all of my things over the years.

In our current home, my boyfriend and I share a small walk-in closet. We have a dresser and clothing rack separate from the closet that mostly stores his things. Dressers and clothing racks are great ways to store clothing if you don’t have a closet at all. If you’re working with no closet space at all, try storing things under your bed in easy access containers like this one.

While different methods of organization can be helpful in different homes the following tips are great ways to organize most small closets.

1. Get a clothing rack and keep extra stuff on it separate from your closet.

I have had the same clothing rack in 3 different homes. I usually use this for big coats that take up too much room in the main closet as well as storage for bags, hats and robes on the sides.

2. Use collapsable fabric storage bins.

These are a game changer for small house organization. I don’t just use these in my closet to store all of my t-shirts, tank tops and socks, I use them all over the house!

3. Use felt hangers, they’re thinner so don’t take up as much room.

Not only do these prevent your clothing from falling off the hanger, they are better for the shape of your garments. They take up noticeably less room than the typical plastic hanger, allowing more hang space in your closet. I use black hangers, but I’ve seen closets with pink and tan ones that look very elegant too!

4. Put shoes in bins.

Shoes are my biggest storage problem because my boyfriend and I both have many pairs. I use one hanging shoe rack as well as this cute laundry bin to store my sandals and tennis shoes. The combo of the hanging shoe rack and laundry basket really helps free up space on the closet floor where almost all of his shoes are.

5. Cycle your winter and summer clothes out.

I used to live in Oregon where the seasons are less definitive and sometimes you need warm things in the summer and cool things in the winter. But here in Idaho where the seasons are extreme, I cycle my clothing out seasonally. It saves a TON of space, plus it’s like going shopping when you pull out the clothes you’ve been storing at the beginning of each season. I almost always forget what I have put away!


Thank you for reading! I hope you found this helpful in organizing your own home. Let me know some of your awesome ideas for small home organization in the comments below! 

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