Smile Direct Club Invisible Aligners | Month #1 | Cheap Alternative To Braces! | Do They Work?!

My teeth have forever been one of my biggest insecurities. I always wanted braces or Invisalign to straighten my smile growing up. As we all know, orthodontic bills can get very expensive and they have never been something I could afford.

I’ve seen lots of ads on the internet for Smile Direct Club over the past year or so and have always been curious about it. After doing a lot of research I decided to give it a go since the cost was %60 less than going through an orthodontist, and many people seemed to have success with it.

Taking The Impressions:

Smile Direct Club is awesome because the entire process is done right from home! No orthodontist appointments – phew!

To start, you buy an impression kit online for $95 that allows an orthodontist to view your teeth and create a treatment plan for you! The impression kit includes detailed instructions on what to do and how to get the best impressions possible.

Once you’ve mailed your impressions back, you wait…

They approved my impressions and began creating a treatment plan quickly after I sent the box back. They updated me with emails along the way, I was even able to see how my smile would straighten online just a few weeks later.

The Aligners:

Below are before and after photos of my teeth the day I started using the aligners and the day I finished my first month of using the aligners. I zoomed in to the right side of my mouth where the aligners are doing the most work!

Excuse the poor picture quality! The extreme zoom blurred the photos, but you can still see a clear difference between the first and second photo! For only a month of wearing the aligners, I can see a noticeable difference in the location of my tooth.

They send you 3 sets of aligners for each month of your treatment. You wear the 3rd set for 2 weeks. My first Smile Direct package came with 2 months worth of aligners and a complimentary 3 month whitening treatment! Also included are tools for fine tuning and cleaning the aligners, a tray to store them, and instructions.

After wearing the aligners for the first full month, here’s what I’ll say:

The aligners have all fit in my mouth comfortably so far, I haven’t had to sand down any edges or fix any spots that are uncomfortable.

My teeth hurt with each new aligner for the first 3 days after changing them. Once the first 3 days are over there can be some sensitivity but mostly they’re comfortable and easy to take in and out.

The first week was an adjustment period, getting used to speaking with my aligners in as well as drink water and do other basic things was very weird. I had a callus on the tip of my tongue for several days as well as scrapes along my cheeks from chewing on them. Now that I am used to wearing the aligners, I hardly notice them!

By far the most annoying part of having invisible aligners is taking them out every time you want to eat. At first I was brushing my teeth every time I removed them which was a pain. Now, I simply swish my mouth out after eating and only brush 3 times a day.

Thank you for reading the first post in this Smile Direct Series! Look forward to updates every month on my experience with this company and my smile’s progress. 🙂

This post was not sponsored – all products were purchased by me and all opinions are my own!

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