5 Holy Grail Fitness Tips | Build Your Booty! | Get Toned! Speed Up Your Metabolism!

Let me just start off by saying I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL.

A ton of my inspiration and ideas for health and fitness have come from other bloggers and YouTubers on the internet. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share some of my own health and fitness tips as I am in the best shape I have ever been in right now!

First, a bit about me and my personal goals:

I lift with little to no cardio whatsoever. I have a naturally fast metabolism and a thin, petite figure. Putting on any weight or muscle mass is very challenging for me.  I do believe that it is because of these 5 reasons that I have started seeing real changes in not just the way I look, but the way I feel too.

My goals include all over toning of the body and to build my booty (I also aim to live an overall healthy lifestyle, even when I am not working towards a specific goal)!

1. Tammy Hembrow 8-Week Booty Building Guide
I thought it would be appropriate to discuss this program now since I just finished all 8-weeks. I plan on starting it over from the beginning immediately because I’m able to see results and I can feel myself getting stronger.

These workouts are not easy! While you can adjust the weight you use for each exercise to match your strength, each of the three days is loaded with challenging workouts that leave you sweating and sore.

The diagrams provided with each exercise are very helpful. My favorite part about this program is it’s only 3 days per week so even when I’m super busy and short on time, I still feel accomplished as long as I make it in for those 3 days. On my off days I try to workout other parts of my body like my arms and back. However, I have noticed that the exercises in the booty program are toning not just my bottom half, but my entire body.


While my figure hasn’t changed drastically, I can definitely see a difference in my butt as well as my overall strength and tone. Getting in shape and reaching your goals is no easy task! It takes dedication and time. I hope to keep getting stronger and fitter the more I work at it!

2. Women’s Best Protein Powder

I am currently drinking the cookies & cream meal replacement shake right after my workouts. While this shake can be used for weight loss, I basically use it as a bonus protein meal for the day! I chose this shake because it contains weight isolate which means its free of lactose (my stomach is sensitive to dairy). It tastes great and every time you buy one you get a free shaker bottle with it!

3. Healthy Snacking Throughout The Day!

I truly believe in eating many small meals throughout the day as apposed to the typical 3 big meals. I eat my largest meal in the morning and a big lunch with lots of healthy snacks in between. I eat a small dinner most of the time, if any at all.

Some of my favorite things to snack on throughout the day are:

  • Hard boiled eggs – I use organic cage free eggs, I find that they are bigger and peel better than lower grade eggs
  • Smoothies – Almond milk, banana, blueberries, kale, flax seeds and peanut butter is my personal favorite mix
  • Yogurt & granola – I use lactose free yogurt but greek yogurt and dairy yogurts actually have more protein, I just can’t have them! Try any flavored yogurt paired with french vanilla granola! It’s to die for.
  • Banana & almond butter
  • Steamed Kale – I cook mine in olive oil and season it with salt. I like to add in cherry tomatoes for a pop of flavor!

4. Take a Walk After Dinner – Don’t just walk after dinner actually! Walk as much as you can, wherever you can! Walking makes me feel good and while it isn’t an intense workout, it’s a great way to stay active throughout your day! If you have pups, use them as a motivator to take a walk after dinner or in the morning after you have breakfast. Walking after you eat supports healthy digestion and reduces bloat. Your stomach will thank you and so will your dogs!

5. Water! Water! Water! – Water keeps me feeling energized and healthy! I recommend buying a water bottle and keeping track of your daily water intake with it. My water bottle is 30oz so I make sure to drink at least 3 in a day, usually more (about my weight in ounces). Especially when you workout regularly, it is so important to hydrate! If you’re someone who loves to sip on juice or soda, try adding lemon and mint to your water to give it some flavor.


Float Your Worries Away! | 5B Floatation | My Thoughts & Experience Floating

Recently I’ve been focusing a lot on my relationship with myself. Maybe it’s just summer in the air, motivating me to step outside my comfort zone and try new things? But boy, let me tell ya, I love the feeling of finding new ways to love myself and take care of my busy mind.

When my friend Parker Morris started 5B Floatation about a year ago I had to give it a try. I did it a couple of times but then got caught up in life and never ended up going in consistently. Since then, I have begun practicing daily mediation (check out my blog post on how guided meditation has changed my life!).

Meditation has been such a huge success in my life, having benefits I could have never anticipated. Since sensory deprivation tanks are sort of the ultimate meditation vessels, it seemed like my new found mind-medicine would pair nicely with a good float.

Floating is a very spa like experience. At 5B floatation, you’re walked through the steps of getting in and out of the tank (rinse off in the shower, enter the tank, shower off with soap after your float). After that you’re left alone in a small, warm, soft room. Essential oils are added to the epsom salt water further relaxing you. Calm music eases you in and out of your float. It’s really a lovely experience.

Once in the tank you are greeted by darkness. It is quiet, still and completely black. Your body’s weight is naturally held up by the epsom salt in the water (a very cool feeling), taking all strain off your muscles and joints. The water has so many benefits for your skin and body and you can feel it after you leave the tank. I went into my float extremely sore from working out and left totally relaxed, no longer sore at all.

At first while floating it was hard for me to relax. There’s something about the tank that encourages your mind to wander. Hallucinate even. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It can be a little uncomfortable at first, being so alone with your mind dancing around in your head. I found that integrating my daily meditation into the float allowed me to deeply relax and settle in.

I started with counting my breath, one to ten then over again. After that I visualized my body filling up with warm, healing sunlight from head to toe, melting any tension away. Using these tools made me get lost in my float. It was over before I knew it and while the hour long session felt like 10 minutes, I left feeling like I had a hot bath and slept for 12 hours straight.

My soreness was gone, skin glowing, each breath I took even felt deeper. It was like magic.

Not only does floatation allow me to feel a deeper connection with myself and enhance my meditations, it’s a very spa like experience that has so many benefits for your body and health. Floating is recommended for athletes, pregnant women, the injured, the elderly, literally anyone.

I plan on regularly floating from here on out. It is worth every penny, considering the mental and physical benefits. Floatation spas are becoming more common all the time. If you live in Sun Valley, ID I highly recommend checking out 5B Floatation. Anyone who lives elsewhere should be able to find a local float spa near them, especially in the city.

Thank you for reading!

Journal | What Happens When Eden Forgets To Meditate! | Meditation is Powerful

I just woke up.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. Blue skies, sun, warm. The birds are literally chirping outside my window. And for some reason i am completely and totally annoyed.

I get up and let my dogs out, say “Hi” to my roomate… Still so irritated.

I was thinking about it a little and realized I hadn’t meditated in 3 days because my parents were in town. I decided to sit down and do my meditation at that very moment and felt I had to journal about the feeling I left the mediation with.

A total reset. I felt happy and calm instantly upon opening my eyes.

I can’t believe that skipping my 10 minutes a day for only 3 days affected my stress and anxiety so much. While no one’s perfect and we cant expect ourselves to never forget, I realize more and more the importance of meditation in my daily life. It helps me to appreciate things more, and lowers my irritation at stupid little things.

It gives me the best feeling knowing that I have a tool to bring me back to center when my heart and mind start to go crazy.

If you’re looking to try out meditation give the Headspace app a try. It’s what I use for guided meditations and I absolutely recommend it for anyone looking to bring some peace of mind to their lives.

I was not paid to write this post! All opinions are my own.

Thank you for reading!

LipSense Review | The Lipstick That Won’t Budge!

Let me just start off by saying this, I have never been a lipstick girl. Ever. Until now.

One of my good friends Cady Snell started working with LipSense as a rep. She added me and some other ladies into a Facebook group and was raving about the liquid lipsticks from LipSense. I’ve watched so many videos in the past of girls proving that the lipstick doesn’t come off once applied but I always figured there had to be a catch, as many of these “too good to be true” products do.

I will admit that the only reason I made my first purchase was to support my friend. I didn’t have high hopes for the lipsticks simply because I had never in my years of wearing makeup found one that I liked and actually reached for on a daily basis.

I ordered the color Pink Champagne from Cady along with the gloss and remover. The starter pack cost me $55. This seemed expensive to me since I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it but I was excited to see if the rumors were true and coughed the money up anyway.

Not only do I love the color on my lips (a great “your lips but better” shade) but I LOVE the formula. To apply the lipstick properly you apply 3 coats of the color in the same direction letting each coat dry between applications. At first I was a little scared because the color seemed to be accentuating the dryness on my lips and didn’t look very smooth. However, once the gloss is applied the dryness is diminished and the color starts to really seep in. The gloss is slightly thick and sticky which I don’t like but once it’s fully absorbed and no longer sticky, your lip color is locked and looks perfectly smooth and flawless.

I absolutely recommend this product to anyone who hates to maintenance of lipstick and doesn’t like to reapply it throughout the day. Without the remover, this stuff will not come off. I absolutely love it and have started wearing it on a daily basis.

Thank you for reading! All opinions are my own, I was not paid to write this post.

Plan With Me | Erin Condren Life Planner | Vertical

I used another PlannerEnvy sticker kit for this week’s spread! I also included some cute puppy stickers that I got from Walmart and some cute leftovers from an old sticker kit I had.

I’m in love with how this spread turned out <3 PlannerEnvy stickers never disappoint!

I love to doodle in my planner when I have days off and have a lot of white space to fill! I use Triplus fineliner pens, they are my favorite and are perfect for the Erin Condren Life Planner because they don’t bleed through the pages.

Thank you for reading!

My Planning Essentials: